Our Story Old

Coastal Fishing Company was started with the idea that the average fisherman should not have to pay extremely high costs for quality equipment. There should be a place where someone can pay a reasonable price and still receive quality products.


Always having the dream of owning a boat one day while I was coming up through the years I never realized the actual costs of owning a boat once I purchased my first one. (28ft Robalo Walkaround). She currently resides in Cape May NJ where we have fished for many of years now. Always wanting to get more and more equipment I found it extremely expensive to keep up on all the different types of rods & tackle that was out there and what would work best for what I needed. I said there has got to be a better solution than spending a lot of money for a product that I do not utilize on a daily basis. It was then that I came up with the idea of Coastal Fishing and many years later I have been able to make that idea a reality. On this site as well as my other selling platforms I am able to offer you a quality product for an affordable & reasonable price.


Coastal Fishing was created for the fisherman by a fisherman. The sport of fishing already has so many costs associated with the name that quality equipment for an affordable price shouldn't be hard to come by... but it always has been.


It was set out with the idea of coming up with a way to make quality products that are reliable, aesthetically pleasing and still within the average persons budget. Through years of research, trial and error I was able to come up with Coastal Rods. The rods are made with quality materials and are quality checked and tested.


These rods are quality checked and shipped from Pennsylvania by a small team of individuals. We are able to bring these products to you at an affordable price as we keep our overhead costs down by running a lean operation.


You can visit us and see actual postings at our Facebook page as well as on our webpage and online auctions