Pro Team Members

To spread the word about the authority and backbone of the Coastal Fishing Brand we are gathering a team of only the best that follow the same mission and ideas that capture the spirit of our brand. Follow these members around the country as they embrace the Coastal Values and best the toughest fish. 


Pauly Lu'uwai  

Born and raised on Maui, "the ocean is my life" I started fishing before I could walk on my dads 33 Bertram "PUALELE" out of ma'alaea harbor. Been in the charters industry since I was 13.  Professionally passed the rod off my whole Career, now it's my turn, at the age of 33, I'm ready to do some damage. Currently gaining a new respect for kayak fishing. Favorite type of fishing is bait and switch for blue and stripes. My theory on fishing is, " you never stop learning"!!! Also a big fan of tagging marlins, don't get me wrong I eat them too. Lol, but through my photos you will understand what I'm all about..... 

Family and fishing!!!! #killtuna  

Aloha Pauly

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Braddah Boy

Everyone calls me Braddah boy. I'm 17 years old and killing fish is in my blood. Love to do anything that includes the outdoors and of course spending time with family.

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Sawyer Slattery

Aloha, my name is Sawyer Slattery. I'm 24 years old and am originally from South Florida, but have fished the Northern Gulf of Mexico, Florida Keys, Bahamas, Hawaii and now located in San Diego, California. Fishing is much more than just a job to me. It is my passion and I set my goals high, to be one of the top producing Captains worldwide. I push all my tackle to the extreme, fishing 280 days a year. 

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Aka Pai














Kurtis Chongkee

My name is Kurtis Chong kee. I was born and raised on the island of Maui, in Hawaii. I started fishing from day one with my dad, grew up shoreline fishing and boat fishing with my dad and uncles. Once I was old enough to drive I started fishing off my jet ski and pretty much blew up the jet ski fishing in Maui. I turned Pro at 29 years old and now compete through out the state in boat tournaments and fish all of the Maui shoreline tournaments as well. I turned Pro at an older age because for us here in Hawaii its not all about winning and being number One. Here its a way of life and we support our families this way, and if I can take care of my family by fishing and hunting, that's all the winning I need. Anything is possible in fishing, you just have to give it all your heart and if you can do that you will never be disappointed.🤙🏽 


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Mindy Tilman










Lo Armstrong

 Hey ya'll. My name is Lauren, but those that know me call me Lo. Born and raised in Northern Illinois, I grew up fishing fresh water lakes and rivers my whole life. 4 years ago, I moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida and have grabbed salt water fishing by the horns and love learning new techniques to bring in the next big catch. I have a passion for wildlife and being part of the natural habitat outside of the lands limits. Seeing marine life where it's most natural excites me and I hope to continue to learn, help educate others and spread the love for wildlife all over! 

 When I'm not on the water fishing, I love to travel, hike, go kayaking, spend time with family and friends and stay active. Beyond happy to be part of the Coastal Fishing Team! 









Natalie Frost
















Sara Shipley

 I'm 23 years old and I live in Jupiter Florida. I received a full ride scholarship to the University of Kentucky for gymnastics and graduated in 2015. I now work fulltime as a technical account manager for a software company but saltwater has always been in my life. My father is a charter captain so I have been fishing since I could walk.