130lb Bent Butt Rod with Pac Bay Rollers Review

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thanks for tuning in to coastal fishing
this is going to be a quick review of
our hundred thirty-pound bent bud
fiberglass rod let's dive right in so
the rod portion of the rod is 43 inches
starting from this connecting point here
as a singular cut at the bottom of the
rod so when it marries to the pandal
portion of the bent bud there's only one
way it can fit and therefore ensuring a
secure and aligned fit with rod and
handle and done so with the hardware
here next we have our X cut grips the
nice texture as you're holding onto the
rod you could really feel the indents of
the design in your fingers and of course
next we have our blue and gold weave
it's a beautiful weave and onto our
first roller so the first roller
contains two actual rollers bearing
inside and then the hardware in between
these are pack Bay and then we have our
nice logo in our description of our
130-pound it's hollow glass all the way
through so you get some nice flexion and
it's the section 2 which is the broad
portion of the pen but rod again we have
our next rollers let's see how this
thing bends real time and here in slow
motion you can see the rod likes the
bend at the top are heavier rods
typically have a stiffer bend but the
hollow construction still gives some
even distribution throughout the rod
again this is our 130 pound then bud and
then here are some of our other pack Bay
rollers the rod is equipped with five
rollers and a roller tip
and the tip here comes with a nice
roller again with the bearing in between
the hardware and then the guide up top
so the line doesn't skip over again this
is our 130 pound bend but it's the rod
portion and let's now move on to the
handle see our reel seat there let us
start from the bottom so the bottom we
have our cross cut pattern aluminum
handle this cross cut portion is great
for putting into rod holders also if
you're putting it into a belt when
you're fighting but most likely this
bend but is gonna be in a rod holder so
the straight portion all the way to the
bend is 16 inches from bottom to that
portion there and from that bend to the
connecting piece with the rod is 13
inches again this is aluminum and now
let's move on to the reel seat so the
reel seat you can see here the top
portion rotates to adjust for fitment
and the bottom portion is stationary to
align with the rod to make sure the rod
and reel are in line and then now we
have our hardware to fasten the wheel
comes with two pieces and a washer in
between when you fasten them tightly
once the reel is on and you're secure
and you're good to go
now let's join the handle and the rod
together so what you're gonna do is
insert the rod into the handle like so
and remember that notch that we talked
about earlier it's gonna fit only one
way once you feel it tight and secure
you're going to take the hardware on the
rod portion and screw tight
and once it's on there make sure it's
nice and tight there shouldn't be much
slack and all wiggle from the rod and
the handle there you go that's our
coastal fishing a hundred thirty pound
bent but rod again it's hollow
fiberglass comes with five pack bait
rollers and one pack Bay tip the rollers
have bearings in them please let us know
if you have any questions


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