Coastal Salt Box


Coastal Salt Box is an all-inclusive solution for Saltwater Fishing. You open yourself up to try different gear when fishing for your prize fish. 

Fishing is Expensive! Marked up many times what they actually cost to make. With the huge price tags, it’s hard to be able to afford all the different types of gear needed to fish for everything out in the ocean. You lose and break and watch them deteriorate in the sun and salt, and it's a pain to purchase and replace. We were tired of the hassle. 

It does what no other box does! The monthly subscription box is filled with gear focusing on various types of saltwater fishing (Bottom Fishing, Trolling, Chunking, etc…) Each month the box is packed with a variety of metal, plastic & wood.  

Make no mistake – there was a lot of work to get to this point. If you were to go out today and buy all the fishing gear to fill 12 months of boxes, you’d easily spend well over Thousands

Quality of the Highest Grade

Products have already been sourced and manufacturing facilities have already been established. They have been personally Tested and Inspected for Highest Quality - Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Try New Fishing Gear

Your Equipment will change from month to month, but the familiar quality won’t. We make your products at the same places as the world’s largest brands and take away the huge markups while passing the savings on to you. We have already sourced and tested the manufacturing facilities. We have located warehousing capabilities and are ready to produce for you. To bring you the quality you deserve at a price you can afford. With your continued support as a member will allow us to keep the quality high, prices low and delivery time quick. 


We have factories ready to produce for us. This will allow for a smooth on-time delivery with the quality assurance you demand. Getting to the next stage requires ordering in large volumes, which makes getting the prices down to for you, so please share. If you were to go out today and buy all the gear you would receive in the 12 months of Coastal™ Salt Boxes, you’d easily be spending well over Thousands!