Things to Look for in a Fishing Shirt

When shopping for fishing apparel you want to be sure you getting something that can stand up to the elements when you are in the midst of reeling in a big game fish, but also comfortable enough to feel great when you are relaxing as well. Here are 4 factors to consider when shopping for a fishing shirt: 

UV Protection

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When you are either onshore or offshore fishing you will most likely be exposed to harmful UV rays that can damage your skin but more importantly just get plain annoying when you get sunburned. So, having a shirt that is able to reflect UV rays away from your body will help you stay out there and fish longer. 



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This factor is arguably one of the most important factors to consider when looking for any type of apparel for fishing. The breathability of clothes will help reduce irritation when wearing clothes for long periods of time. In addition, when dealing with bait and other smelly things on the boat, it is always a plus to be able to reduce that smell when you are out fishing. 

Moisture Wicking Tech. 

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There is no question that sooner or later you will encounter some bad weather. Having clothing that will help repel liquids from your clothes can help you stay dry. Having the option to stay outside and know that your clothing will help keep you dry is a small benefit that could help keep you focused on fishing and less on your gear.

Quick DryUV & Breathable icons

Understandably, you will eventually get wet and have to dry off. Having a shirt that can quickly dry off so you feel more comfortable and simply...dry is a great morale booster. If you must, you may want to wash your shirt when out fishing. Having a shirt that can dry quickly gives you the ability to wash a shirt, dry, and have it ready to go for the next fish. 


If you were considering using some old shirt when fishing, this article hopefully convinced you to invest in some more suitable shirts. Investing in a higher quality shirt could be expensive but take it from us it is worth it. They typically last way longer and will help you feel good when fishing.

Get a fishing shirt...and fish on. 


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