Benefits of Roller Tips

Roller TipWhen off-shore fishing having the right rod & lure for the fish you want to catch are arguably two of the most important factors. Roller tipped rods could be a feature that could benefit you when out at sea. It is debated whether roller tips are the best rod type. This post will hopefully help you decide which is right for you. 

Controlling Stress on the Line

One of the benefits of having a roller tipped rod is the reduction of stress when the rod is at a steep angle. When fishing for bottom dwellers or aggressive fish, a roller tipped rod may be ideal since the rod is likely to have an aggressive angle when having either type of fish on the line. The ability of the rollers to move the line smoothly around the highest stressed point on a rod will help the fishing line not only last longer but keep line fluidly moving in and out. 

Roller Guide

Quality Rollers Matter

Though rollers are a great way to reduce stress on fishing line, a poor quality roller could do the exact opposite. Having a roller tip that is of poor quality could increase unnecessary stress on the line which could result in a break. Over time, a cheaper roller could cease and create more friction. 

Maintaining Roller Tips

Though roller tips have great benefits, those benefits could only be gained if and when these roller tips are well lubed and cleaned.  Making sure the inner barrings are cleaned and lubricated is not only good practice but should be done periodically. Remember, maintaining rods is not just a seasonal thing but needs to be done all year round to ensure functionality. 


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