Man holding Striped Bass on a boat

Chasing Striped Bass: 

The gentle hum of the outboard motor reverberates through the hull of my trusty boat, "Going Coastal." With the salt-scented breeze in our faces and the sun hanging low on the horizon, it's a perfect morning for targeting striped bass inshore.

Years of experience have taught me that to catch striped bass inshore, you need a combination of patience, skill, and the right gear. One technique that has rarely let me down is live baiting with bunker. These fish are irresistible to stripers, and they often can't resist the opportunity for an easy meal.

I recall a memorable trip last summer when the stripers were feeding voraciously on live bunker. The key to success was the right presentation. We rigged the baitfish with a circle hook and let it swim freely, allowing the natural motion to attract the attention of hungry stripers. When a striper struck, we gave it a moment to swallow the bait before setting the hook, ensuring a solid connection.

Another effective technique is trolling with umbrella rigs. These rigs mimic a school of baitfish, which stripers find irresistible. I vividly remember a day when we deployed an umbrella rig with a mix of white and chartreuse shad lures. The rig ran about 15 feet deep, and as we trolled along the edges of a channel, the water erupted with the fury of feeding stripers. It was a scene straight out of a fishing dream.

Sometimes, stripers can be quite picky, and that's when the art of jigging comes into play. I've had numerous heart-pounding moments jigging soft plastics in the shallows. The key here is to mimic the movement of injured baitfish. A sharp jerk of the rod followed by a pause can trigger a strike from even the most cautious stripers.

One memorable day, the stripers were holding near a rocky outcrop, and I employed a jigging technique with a chartreuse-colored soft plastic that drove them wild. With each twitch of the rod, I could feel the vibrations through the line, and soon enough, I had a powerful striper on the other end.

As the sun climbs higher in the sky, we continue to experiment with these techniques, adapting to the ever-changing behavior of the stripers. It's a reminder that in saltwater fishing, you're not just battling the fish; you're dancing with the tides and the seasons.

So here's to 'Going Coastal' and the endless adventures it has provided. Whether it's live baiting with bunker, trolling with umbrella rigs, or the finesse of jigging, the pursuit of striped bass inshore always keeps me on my toes. These are the moments that make saltwater fishing an enduring passion, a quest that's as much about the journey as it is about the catch.

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