How to Gaff a Tuna

One of the worst feelings is losing a fish so close to the boat. Especially a prize catch like a Tuna. Using a gaff is a great way to pull in bigger tuna into the boat. Here are some pointers on how to effectively gaff a tuna. 

Keep the line tight

When you have a tuna next to your boat you want to ensure that the light is tight. You want to keep the line tight to keep the tuna in place so you can take a clean shot at it with a gaff. If you leave the tuna on the surface with some slack, there is a chance the fish could swim under the boat and snap the line. 

Distance from the Tuna

As you may have guessed, you want to get the tuna as close to the boat as possible. If possible you want to avoid reaching for the tuna with your arm fully extended. The reason being, if the tuna decides to pull away at that moment you could lose the fish and/or gaff. Being able to gaff the tuna with some bend in the arm will give you the ability to apply more power into your pull immediately after piercing the fish. 

Ideal Target for gaffing a Tuna

When you are ready to hook the gaff into the tuna, you want to aim behind the gill plate. This will ensure a solid hold on the fish when pulling it. In addition, the ideal target will keep desired tuna cuts untouched. 

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