How to Pick a Gaff for your Boat

Whether you are fishing for sport or as a job, you want a gaff that will perform when trying to get a fish aboard. We will be covering what to look for when you are shopping around for a gaff. Gaffs come in all sorts of lengths, materials, designs, and hook sizes which are tailored to pull in different types of fish. 

Gaff Length

When looking at lengths for Gaffs, you want to be sure you have enough length for both of your hands to control the fish. We found that a typical length for a gaff is 5 foot. Though it is not directly related to fishing, you do want to consider how easily a gaff can be stored and pulled out to be used quickly. So be sure you have enough length to be able to control the gaff comfortably, store easily, and access quickly. 

Gaff Materials

Commonly gaffs are made from fiberglass or aluminum. But there are other materials such as carbon fiber gaffs that some manufacturers create. Fiberglass gaffs do have the firmness and familiar bend characteristics of heavier rods. Typically fiberglass gaffs are more affordable next to aluminum. One last benefit a fiberglass and carbon fiber gaff will have over the aluminum gaffs, is that they will not rust over time. 

Hook Sizes

Hook sizes range quite a bit between different gaffs. Typically a common gaff will have a hook size of 2 to 4 inches. These hooks are usually manufactured from stainless steel to help prevent corrosion and improve longevity. Depending on what fish you are going after you want to be sure a hook will be big enough to get a firm grip on parts of fish you will typically gaff. 

Parting Words

Gaffs may seem to be such a small element to your fishing adventures but, being sure you have a trustworthy gaff that you feel comfortable with can make or break bringing a fish on board when reeling in a fish. 

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