How to Stop Fishing Line From Tangling When Trolling

Trolling is a great way to cover a large distance with one or more bait/lure setups. Getting multiple setups to work together as you are directing the boat could be frustrating to do. Here are some tips on how you could prevent that from happening:

Understand the action of the setup you are using

The first big factor to consider is understanding how certain types of lures/baits act in the water at speed and during maneuvers. This is key because as you speed up and slow down you want to understand how much movement your setups have so you can space them out accordingly and avoid any tangles.

Spacing is key

Spacing out the lures based on the actions of the lures you use is almost just as key as understanding the action. 

For example, if you are using a bunker spoon lures and a stretch 20 you could want to keep the stretch 20 further out, and the bunker spoon closer to the boat. The reason being is that the bunker spoon will cover more water horizontality because of the inherent nature of the lure which makes the action more erratic 

Avoid sharp maneuvers when trolling

The last thing, and probably the most simple tip is to avoid sharp maneuvers when trolling. Not only does taking sharp turns potentially tangle lines because of shart moves but taking a sharp turn will delay the tension to return on the lines. A sharp turn will reduce the distance between the lure and the boat for a short amount of time which produces more slack until that line threshold is reached. 

Keep trolling with tight lines

Overall, the key takeaways are to know your gear, keep the space, and keep lines tight. Enjoy the water!

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