What is the Black Ring inside your Turbo guided fishing rod?

What is a turbo guide on a Fishing Rod?

Fishing rod guides take on many shapes and sizes. Turbo guide fishing rod guides are those circular guides you typically see on rods that have a spinning reel mounted. These guides are used for conventional reels as well but most commonly seen on spinners. These guides are great because of they extremely simple and help adapt to changes in the direction of the fishing line when fighting a fish. 

Why Ceramic?

The main reason for using ceramic is to almost eliminate any type of major pitting to the guides. Ceramic does not corrode like other materials commonly found on fishing rods like aluminum. Knowing these characteristics, ceramic works extremely well with the fishing line by providing a smooth surface in all conditions. 

Take Care of your Ceramic Rings

Though ceramic rings have great characteristics for guiding line smoothly and quickly, the material is prone to shatter if handled improperly. You want to ensure you do not drop the rod on a hard surface to avoid any sort of cracking or shattering of the rings. Once a ring begins to crack you will want to replace the ring entirely, for the material has been compromised. 

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