Types of Deepsea Lures

When going trolling not only is maintaining speed, distance, and location important but also having specially designed trolling lures could benefit your chances of catching fish. Depending on which part of the world you are fishing, different lure types could be best for your style of fishing. 

Lure Types

The design and size are crucial when fishing for certain fish. If you pair those two elements with a high-quality lure you are set to catch fish. Below are some types of trolling lures that could be used. 

Squid Trolling Lure

Squid Lures

Though each type of lure has it places when fishing. When looking for squid trolling lures be sure to research where you will be fishing. The reason this is important is to see what type of squid is most common in the area. Learning how the squid act and look in the area is the first step when looking for trolling squid lures. 

Feather Trolling Lure

Feather Lures

The design of feather trolling lures appeal to many different fish. Some fish feather lures attract include: tuna, small dorado, bluefish, mackerel, and bonito. Feather trolling lures attract fish by creating motion with the feathers on the lure. The feathers on the lure mimic fins when wet from the water. Depending on the area you are fishing, this may be the lure type for you. 

Rigged Trolling Lure

Skirted Lure

A rigged fishing lure usually contains robust metals in the construction. The key to a great rigged trolling lure is not only having the quality you can trust but also how far or close the hook is in relation to trolling lures. Coastal Fishing lures have found through trial and error the optimal distance for hooks to rest in rigged trolling lures. 

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