130lb Bent Butt Big Game Trolling Roller Rod & 80W Conventional Reel

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130 lb Bent Butt Rod

Rod Specifications:

  • Length: 5'6"
  • Med Power: Power is the amount of pressure you will have to apply to bend the rod. This rod has heavy power so it will be able to handle heavy weights and high pressure applied by big fish like amberjack, tuna, muskies. 
  • Moderate-Fast Action: You will have a deeper flex into the blank but it will load up better and easier. It will help you to detect strikes much easier and give you a good casting distance. 
  • 5 Pac Bay Roller Guides and 1 Pac Bay Roller Guide Tip: Undoubtedly, you will have heavy drag pressure, but the roller guides will reduce this friction and give you a smooth fishing experience while you are big game fishing. High-performance roller guides coated with a special anti-friction layer. 
  • Aluminum Reel Seat: A lightweight rod is a must-have benefit for all fishing techniques. Aluminum is a lightweight material and will keep your reel safe and steady.
  • Rod Blank: Hollow Fiberglass Blank 

If you are going salt or freshwater fishing, this 130lb Fishing Rod will be worth a second look. Reliable and powerful in the face of heavier fish, the Coastal Fishing rod manages the stress by using smooth guides and flexible but firm rod construction. The roller guides are silver and use high-quality ball bearing with a stainless steel roller and aluminum mounts. 

Each bent butt fishing rod that Coastal Fishing develops has been tested out in real-world fishing situations. In addition, we consider our customer's feedback to help improve our existing products. We recommend this rod to be used for saltwater or freshwater. For saltwater fishing, this rod does well when trolling, jigging, drifting or bottom fishing. For freshwater, this rod does well in big lakes and ponds. The unique angle of the bent butt helps you create space between the rod and boat. 

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Reel Specifications

  • Bearing:10BB+1RB Marine Level
  • Line Capacity: Mono 1000yd/130lbs Braided 2140yd/200lbs
  • Gear Ratio 2.1:1/1.2:1
  • Max Strike 173lb, With HT100
  • Drag System: Carbon Drag Washer
  • Weight:4.49kg/158.38oz

Coastal Fishing Quality Rods:

Coastal Fishing Rods are designed to perform when it matters most when you have a big game fish on the line. Coastal Fishing rods help distribute line stress along the entire rod to help prevent line breaks and increase control. All of the rods come with a built-in Cross Cut Butt to give the fisher the ability to use a belt when needed. Each rod is developed from years of real-world testing and development. 

Coastal Fishing Rod Details:

  • Materials: Fiberglass, lightweight and Balance thanks to the high-density fiberglass. This material will offer sturdiness and better cranking even with heavy big lures. A good choice for all big game enthusiasts who want great lifting power. 
  • Protective Carry Bag/Sleeve: Store your fishing rod in the bag and keep it safe and sound.
  • Grip-EVA FOAM: Remarkably light and comfortable EVA FOAM Grip which is designed for heavy duty fishing.
  • Cross Cut Butt: Lock it in any fishing rod holder. 


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