2 piece - Spinning rod set with 3 different size blanks. One set for all your fishing needs collaborated with @MarksGoneFishing

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Rod Specifications:

  • Length: 7'4
  • Light - Medium Power: With the ability to change between blanks this set up provides the ability to change between power levels
  • Moderate Action: You will have a deeper flex into the blank but it will load up quicker with the blank designs. It will help you to detect strikes much easier and give you a good casting distance as well. 
  • 6 Turbo Guides and 1 Turbo Guide Tip: Equipped with sturdy turbo guides with ceramic insert to reduce excessive friction
  • Aluminum Reel Seat
  • Rod Blank: Okuma IM-8 Graphite
  • Stainless Steel Hook Keeper
  • Grip-EVA FOAM: Remarkably light and comfortable EVA FOAM Grip which is designed for heavy duty fishing.
  • Cross Cut Butt: Lock it in any fishing rod holder. 

If you are going saltwater fishing for any size fish this 3 in 1 rod has the ability to be set up to catch your target fish. Reliable, firm, and versatile, the Coastal Fishing 3 in 1 blank replaceable rod manages the stress put on the rod by leveraging smooth ceramic rings in the guides and a strong backbone. 

About the power curve and replaceable blanks. Other companies have tried the multi-tip option. Most have failed as the rods break at the joints under extreme pressure. This design is unique in that the entire rod blank all the way to the handle is one piece and replaceable. This maintains the feel and characteristics of a one-piece design while allowing for the handles and blanks to be swapped. My thought is to keep the blanks exactly the same rating and thickness. The only thing that would change is the way the blank is layered and maybe materials used. This could allow a change in flex – slow – medium – fast without changing the overall weight and thickness of the blank. Not sure if this is possible and will scrub the idea if you think not. The design as it exists now is still a killer rod and my go-to when out on the boat live bait fishing. A conventional reel version would be equally versatile.

Each fishing rod that Coastal Fishing develops has been tested out in real-world fishing situations. In addition, we consider our customer's feedback to help improve our existing products. We recommend this rod to be used for saltwater or freshwater. For saltwater fishing, this rod does well when trolling, jigging, drifting or bottom fishing. For freshwater, this rod does well in big lakes and ponds. 

Coastal Fishing Quality Rods:

Coastal Fishing Rods are designed to perform when it matters most when you have a big game fish on the line. Coastal Fishing rods help distribute line stress along the entire rod to help prevent line breaks and increase control. All of the rods come with a built-in Cross Cut Butt to give the fisher the ability to use a belt when needed. Each rod is developed from years of real-world testing and development. 

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