100lb Shorty Bent Butt Rod w/ swivel tip " Planer or Dredge"

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100lb Bent Butt Rod with Pac Bay Rollers and Swivel Tip


The 100lb Bent Butt Rod with Pac Bay Rollers and Swivel Tip from Coastal Fishing is the perfect rod for big game fishing. It is designed to handle the heavy weights and high pressure applied by big game fish like tuna, amberjack, and marlin.

The rod features a bent butt handle that is comfortable to hold and secure in a rod holder or belt. The bent butt also helps to distribute the weight of the rod more evenly, making it easier to fight big fish.

The rod is also equipped with Pac Bay roller guides that reduce friction and provide a smooth fishing experience. The roller guides are also coated with a special anti-friction layer, which helps to extend the life of the line.

The swivel tip on the rod is also a great feature for big game fishing. The swivel tip helps to prevent the line from twisting and tangling, which can be a problem when fighting big fish.

Overall, the 100lb Bent Butt Rod with Pac Bay Rollers and Swivel Tip is a great choice for big game fishermen who want a rod that is strong, durable, and easy to use.


  • Bent butt handle for comfort and security
  • Pac Bay roller guides with anti-friction coating
  • Swivel tip to prevent line twist and tangling
  • Heavy-duty construction to handle the heaviest weights and highest pressure
  • Comfortable EVA foam grip


  • Perfect for big game fishing
  • Strong, durable, and easy to use
  • Helps you cast heavy lures and fight big fish
  • Reduces friction and provides a smooth fishing experience
  • Prevents line twist and tangling

If you are serious about big game fishing, the 80lb Bent Butt Rod with Pac Bay Rollers and Swivel Tip is the perfect rod for you.

Order yours today and start catching the biggest fish in the sea!


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