130lb 6’6” Bent Butt Roller Rod #6 butt upgraded rollers

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 rod specifications:

  • Length: 5'6"
  • Heavy Power: Designed to withstand high pressure when fighting big trophy fish
  • Extra Fast Action: Firm backbone provides control during a hard fight
  • Roller Guides: Equipped with 3 heavy duty roller guides and 1 roller guide tip to provide a low friction path for your fishing line to pass
  • Aluminum Reel Seat
  • Rod Blank: Solid Fiberglass
  • Grip: Remarkably light and comfortable EVA FOAM Grip designed for heavy duty fishing
  • Cross Cut Butt: Can be locked in any fishing rod holder

The Coastal Fishing bent butt 130lb rod is reliable and very powerful when it comes to fishing for larger game fish in saltwater. It uses smooth roller guides and a sturdy rod to manage the stress of the catch. The roller guides are silver and use high-quality ball bearings with a stainless steel roller and thick aluminum mounts.

Each bent butt fishing rod from Coastal Fishing has been tested in real-world fishing situations and customer feedback is taken into account to improve existing products. This rod is recommended for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, with great performance for trolling, jigging, drifting, and bottom fishing in saltwater and for use in big lakes and ponds for freshwater fishing. The unique angle of the bent butt helps create space between the rod and boat for added convenience.

Coastal Fishing Quality Rods:

Coastal Fishing Rods are designed to perform in critical moments when you have a big game fish on the line. These rods distribute line stress evenly along the entire length to help prevent line breaks and increase control. Each rod comes with a built-in Cross Cut Butt to give the angler the option to use a belt when needed. Coastal Fishing Rods have been developed over years of real-world testing and development.

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