4ft Fiberglass Gaff

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Gaff Specifications:

  • Length: '4
  • Hook: The "C" shaped hook is made from Solid Stainless Steel, with a razor-sharp tip 
  • Gaff Construction: Solid Fiberglass
  • Handles: Gaff is equipped with mid and base foam grips for better controllability. The base of the gaff is covered with a spherical foam pad as well. 

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This Coastal Fishing 4ft is built to easily securing the fish onto the boat. The foam grip provides a confidence-inspiring feel when trying to secure a fish. In addition, the business end of the gaff uses a durable and very sharp stainless steel hook C-shaped hook. Our gaff has been tested and proven themselves worthy to be backed by Coastal. Our gaffs are built to last and handle high-stress times when all you want is the fish in the boat. 

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