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Trolling is an adventerous angling technique where one or more lines are baited and drawn through the water. All avid anglers will agree that fishing is a unique outdoor activity. There are some feelings like suspense and happiness that you will never understand unless you hold a big trophy catch in your hands.

Trolling is the best tactic for catching tuna, amberjacks, marlins, and other bloodthirsty predator fish. Consequently, the first thing that you should take seriously into consideration is your fishing tackle and specifically the trolling rod. You should know that the rod is the only tool that will help you land the fish.

So, what you should look for in the best trolling rods of the market? Which are the top features of a good trolling rod? Continue reading to find out

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What is a Trolling Rod? 

As mentioned, trolling is a fishing technique where you have one or more fishing lines baited with lures or baitfish and then drawn through the water. Sometimes these lines are set on moving boats, but you can also slowly wind the line from a static position. This helps you catch pelagic fish like tuna, marlin, salmon, and mackarel. It’s important not to confusing this form of trolling with trawling, which is a completely different fishing technique. 

Continue reading to learn more about what to look for when outfitting for a trolling rod. 

Features to Consider When Choosing a Trolling Rod

1. Rod Material and Weight 

If you are a fishing enthusiast you probably know that a poor quality trolling rod is the worst thing that could happen. Since you have to “fight” with really big fish, it would be a good idea to choose a material that will pass the test of time. It goes without saying that it should fit your reel, but the construction material is also an important factor.

Carbon and fiberglass rods are absolutely perfect for fighting these giant creatures. This construction ensures a good mixture of action and power. 


2. Trolling Rod Guides 

Roller guides are the best guides for your trolling rod as they decrease the friction on your line. Moreover, there are many rods on the market which have roller guides with ceramic inserts. When you have a fish on the hook, pressure is applied to your line and guides.


3. Grip and Butt 

This feature is really rare and only some special rods utilize a bent handle also called the bent butt. The handle will not only absorb the pressure but also will help you reel in without any problem.


Best Trolling Rods: Coastal Fishing’s Top 5 

Listed below are some of the top picks from the coastal fishing rod collection that are perfect for trolling. Here at Coastal Fishing, sell the best gear made by and for fishermen. Let’s take a look at these top selections. We would also like to underline the fact that they are value-for-money trolling rods as they have some really good specs at great prices.

Coastal Fishing Rods are designed to perform when it matters most. Coastal Fishing rods help distribute line stress along the entire rod to help prevent line breaks and increase control. All of the rods come with a built-in Cross Cut Butt to give the fisher the ability to use a belt when needed. Each rod is developed from years of real-world testing and development. 


1. Coastal Fishing Bent Butt Rod (with Pac Bay Rollers) (130 LB)

This heavy-duty 130 LB bent butt rod is reliable and powerful in the face of heavier fish. This Coastal Fishing rod manages the stress by using smooth guides and flexible but firm rod construction. The roller guides are silver and use high-quality ball bearing with a stainless steel roller and aluminum mounts. This rod has heavy power so it will be able to handle heavy weights and high pressure applied by big fish like amberjack, tuna, muskies. 

Rod Features and Specifications

  • 5’6 length 
  • 5 high performance pac bay roller guides & 1 pac bay roller guide 
  • Moderate-fast action
  • Lightweight aluminum reel seat and hollow rod fiberglass rod blank


2. Bent Butt Roller Rod With Swivel Roller Tip (with Pac Bay Rollers) (80-130 LB) 

This 80-130lb bent butt Fishing Rod manages the stress by using smooth guides and a flexible swivel roller tip that will instill confidence when battling larger fish and trolling. The solid fiberglass construction is built to provide quick feedback while maintaining a solid foundation to handle heavy pressure.


This 2 pieces bent butt rod is equipped with a solid aluminum handle. The bent butt handle is built to be secure in a rod holder or belt. The cross-cut bottom locks into a set position and will not budge. The Blue Brothers Series is a collection of rods, and Gaffs that share the same Coastal Blue weave. If you are looking to have a quality matching set-up across your boat, consider the Blue Brothers Series collection. 

Rod Features and Specifications 

  • 5’6 length 
  • Able to handle heavy power 
  • The solid fiberglass rod blank and shorter length gives it a fast action distinction
  • A smooth swivel roller tip with a ceramic ring line guide provides directional control
  • Solid aluminum handle with a cross-cut butt


3. Coastal Rods Straight Roller Rod (80 LB) 

This 80 LB fiberglass rod offers up an ample amount of power when looking for big game fish like tuna or amberjack. This gives it a slower action and is a bit heavier, but it’s ideal for trolling or casting heavy and big lures. 

Rod Features and Specifications 

  • 5’6 length
  • A heavy fiberglass rod for substantial power 
  • High performance roller guides coated with a special anti-friction layer


4. Coastal Rods Straight Roller Rod (50 LB) 

Similar to the option above, but a little lighter, this is another rod that works great when trolling. You’ll have enough power to reel in tough trophy fish, but while adding in a little more flex. This deeper flex can help you to detect strikes much easier and give you a good casting distance. 

Rod Features and Specifications 

  • 5’6 length 
  • Moderate fast action and ample power 
  • Heavy-duty fiberglass rod material 
  • High performance roller guides coated with a special anti-friction layer


5. Shorty Bent Butt Rod (with Pac Bay Rollers & Swivel Tips) (80 LB)

This 80 LB fishing rod is another great option for those looking for reliability and power in the face of larger fish. The stress of the line is mitaged through the use of smooth guides and flexible but firm rod construction. The roller guides are silver and use high-quality ball bearing with a stainless steel roller and aluminum mounts. 

Rod Features and Specifications

  • 5’6 length 
  • Medium to heavy power specification 
  • 5 high performance pac bay roller guides & 1 pac bay roller guide 
  • Hollow fiberglass rod blank


How to Know What Size Trolling Rod to Get

Trolling rods tend to be longer than your average fishing rod. More specifically, trolling rods tend to measure between 5.5 and 10 feet long with the perfect length depending on your specific conditions and angling skill. You may have the most expensive trolling rod in the world, but if it doesn’t fit you right that won’t matter too much.

Rod Length is typically regarded as the first and most important priority when choosing a fishing rod. As a general rule of thumb, shorter rods (under 6 ft.) are best for shorter accurate casts, but longer rods (over 7 feet) are best in situations where accuracy isn’t as critical. That’s because longer rods tend to be more forgiving. 

Our Final Verdict 

Fishing is an expense sport with a large barrier to entry, but we’re trying to change that.. Unfortunately, many manufacturers glorify some features which are actually useless and do not pay attention to the important details. We managed to create the best trolling rods and we paired each of them with quality and durability.

Fishing is a great activity and you should learn to enjoy it. Thank you for reading. You can visit our website to see more of our equipment offering and Coastal Salt Boxes. If you find this article helpful feel free to drop a comment in the comment box below.


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