5 Best Trolling Rods

Undoubtedly, trolling is the most adventurous fishing technique and it seems to be really popular amongst the fishing community. All avid anglers will agree that fishing is a unique outdoor activity. There are some feelings like suspense and happiness that you will never understand unless you hold a big trophy catch in your hands.

Trolling is the best tactic for catching tuna, amberjacks, marlins and other bloodthirsty predator fish. Consequently, the first thing that you should take seriously into consideration is your fishing tackle and specifically the trolling rod. You should know that the rod is the only tool that will help you land the fish.

If you are caught with panic, your trolling rod will definitely not let you down. So, what you should look for in the best trolling rods of the market? Which are the top features of a good trolling rod?

That’s why the coastalfishing team is here!

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Top Features

1. Quality and Reliability

If you are a fishing enthusiast you probably know that a poor quality trolling rod is the worst thing that could happen. Since you have to “fight” with really big fish, it would be a good idea to choose a material that will pass the test of time. It goes without saying that it should fit your reel, but the construction material is also an important factor.

Carbon and fiberglass rods are absolutely perfect for fighting these giant creatures.


2. Best Trolling Rod Guides

Roller guides are the best guides for your trolling rod as they decrease the friction on your line. Moreover, there are many rods on the market which have roller guides with ceramic inserts. When you have a fish on the hook, pressure is applied on your line and guides.

3. Lightweight

You may ignore the weight of your rod but trust me it is very important especially if you are fishing for hours. The best trolling rods are usually made of materials that are lightweight so you have to choose the appropriate reel. Your trolling set up should be easy to hold in the hands.

4. Bent Grip- Bent Butt

This feature is really rare and only some special rods utilize a bent handle also called bent butt. The handle will not only absorb the pressure but also will help you reel in without any problem.

Giant Creatures

Best Trolling Rods: Reviews of the Five best

Coastal fishing

First of all, we would like to present some top picks from our collection and present five “must-have” trolling rods. These rods will definitely meet your fishing desires. We are fishermen and we create gear for fishermen. Let’s take a look at these top selections.

We would like to underline the fact that they are value-for-money trolling rods as they have some really good specs at a great price.

1. Coastal Fishing Hollow Conventional Roller Boat Rod (100-120 LB)

Hollow Conventional Rod

 This buddy is a 5’6’’ inch trolling rod made of fiberglass. The sporty flair and modern cut will definitely surprise you. This is a durable rod ready to fight any trophy fish.

  • Outstanding Feature

Excellent Roller Guides: Since you are interested in getting a trolling rod, the guides should definitely be roller type guides. The Coastal Fishing Hollow Roller Rod has four high quality roller guides, plus one on the tip which will absorb the pressure applied on the line.

  • More Features and Specifications

EVA handle: The handle is constructed of EVA foam so you can fish with or without gloves.

Reel Seat Position: The aluminum reel seat is exactly placed in the middle of the handle which will help you with your casts.


2. Coastal Fishing Bent Butt Roller Boat Rod (100-130 LB)

This green top trolling rod has two special features and we think that it is the best choice for every trolling angler. Do you feel tired after a long fishing day? With this rod you will definitely forget that nasty feeling. bent butt coastal fishing rod

  • Outstanding Feature

Bent butt handle: This ergonomic handle is not like normal rod handles. If you take a closer look you will see that it is bent. It is not common but you will see that it will help you land every fish without any problem.

2-Piece Rod: Storing and transporting your fishing tackle and gear is not always easy. This rod is made of two pieces and it comes with a convenient transportation bag.

  • More Features and Specifications

Material: The best trolling rods utilize durable and lightweight materials. We use fiberglass for our rods which is both strong and reliable when it comes to trolling for big game fish.


3. Hollow Conventional Boat Rod (30-50 LB)

we would like that you pay close attention at this rod. The 30-50 lbs. trolling rod is definitely exactly what you need for medium size fish. You may think that 50 lbs are not able to deal with big fish but this rod will definitely surprise you.

hollow roller trolling rod

  • Outstanding Feature

Roller Guides: It utilizes five top quality roller guides which will give your lure or live bait the best action ever. Smoothness and really good line flow with absolutely no line friction.

  • More Features and Specifications

Grip and Reel Seat: There is a comfortable EVA foam grip and a low position aluminum reel seat which will maximize the opportunities of landing a trophy catch.


4. Coastal Rods Roller Fishing Combo 

Undoubtedly a top selection for all anglers at a very good price. If you are looking for a rod which will be both durable and lightweight, these are very good options. Both trolling rods are made of heavy duty fiberglass and we equipped them with 5 roller guides.

Whether you will use braided or mono line, the smoothness will surprise you.



Final Verdict

Finally, fishing is considered to be an expensive sport but we are here to change this conviction. Unfortunately, many manufacturers glorify some features which are actually useless and do not pay attention at the details. We managed to create the best trolling rods and we paired each of them with quality and durability.

However the point is that it is not all about the fishing tackle. Fishing is a great activity and you should learn to enjoy it.

Thank you for reading. You can visit our website coastalfishing.com for more fishing tackle and clothing. If you find this article helpful feel free to drop a comment in the comment box below.

Best Trolling Rods


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1SG Pross  (RET.)

1SG Pross (RET.)

hi I purchased your 50-80 bent butt which hasn’t shown up yet?
im interested in knowing if you have a straight butt that would fit

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