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Undoubtedly fishing is the best outdoor activity. Every catch reminds us of the reason why we took up this incredible hobby. There is no doubt that there are some fishing aspects that are a little bit more interesting and adventurous.

Today, we are going to talk about the king of the ocean. That one fish which you will never forget. An unforgettable experience full of memories and strong feelings... TUNA fishing!

There is a huge difference between “fishing” and TUNA fishing so you will need some special tips in order to “survive”. After fishing many years for these bloodthirsty predators we are going to show you some tips and the most important gear.

Before you hit the water, you should be fully prepared and we know the way to do that. Are you ready to discover the secrets of tuna fishing? The key to success is hiding in your skills and your tough tuna fishing equipment.

Short Introduction to Tuna

Just to start out with, tuna live in schools with other fish and they feed exclusively on small fish. The sizes vary from 1.2ft up to 16 ft with a weight of 1,500 lbs! Incredible?

Their main characteristic is that they are fast and strong. tuna fish

If fish were gems, tuna would surely be the most precious diamond. Moreover, you should know that tuna is not a fish but a family of fish. There are several tuna species like the Bluefin tuna, longtail tuna, albacore tuna or the yellowfin tuna.

The fish commonly lives in warm waters because it is more active there. It is a really clever fish that detects his prey easily and it is difficult to attract the fish with simple lures. If tuna does not like the lure, it will swim away and never come back.

Tuna is not only an extraordinary fish but also a really tasty dish. Unfortunately, they are not ample due to overfishing according to some scientists.

Tuna Fishing Spots

As stated above, these fish are really active so they move constantly from one place to another. Consequently, there are not specific spots that could hold tuna. However, you should know that tuna follow some currents in order to find food.

Seamounts and shipwrecks are the best spots which definitely hold some huge tuna.

tuna fishing shipwreck

Tuna Fishing Techniques

It goes without saying that tuna is really strong and you will need some practice in order to land a trophy catch. The following methods are the most common tuna fishing techniques. We decided to mention these basic techniques because they are the most efficient.

Trolling for Tuna

Rods on the boat

First of all, we can divide the trolling tactic into two categories. Trolling with (artificial) fishing lures and live bait trolling which we will analyze one by one. Remember that you cannot attract this fish easily so you will need good equipment.

Trolling for tuna with fishing lures

Firstly, the trolling rig consists of some sinkers or even better downriggers. At the end of the main line, you will have to attach a 50 ft. fluorocarbon leader line 0.80mm and then your lure. Your lure should imitate a real fish or a mollusk-like a squid.

Tunas are extremely fast so your boat speed should be 4-6 miles per hour. With this speed, your lure will have a good underwater action.

Trolling for Tuna with Live Bait

For trolling with live bait you will use almost the same rig but instead of the lure you will attach two hooks. The distance between the two big hooks should be proximate 11”. Additionally, you should always remember that the way how you rig your bait plays a significant role here.

The first hook should be inserted in the fish’s mouth and the second in the tail. You should be really careful because any wrong movement could kill your live bait.

Furthermore, the position of the sinker depends on the water depth which you can easily check on your fish finder.

The speed of your boat should be 0.5-1.5 miles per hour. This speed will not only give the bait a good action but also protect it. The tactic is to imitate a real prey. 

Drifting for Tuna

The drifting technique is the biggest game fishing technique for the Bluefin tuna. You should cast at least 3 rods with live bait fish and throw many small fish in the water. This activity will definitely attract a tuna.


Jigging Technique for Tuna Fishing

For this tactic, you should equip yourself with much patience in order to find some tuna. Tuna do not live in a specific spot so you cannot just cast exactly in that spot and wait that they attack your bait. A fish finder is really helpful.

Finally, when you find them, you should throw your jigging lures in the water and start jigging. Jigging is a vertical fishing technique so you will have to fish in quite deep waters so the fish do not notice your boat!

coastal fishing CoastalFishing Tip: Remember that you should be fully prepared. Tuna are really strong. It would be a good idea to set your drag system brakes at 1/3 of the test of your fishing line.

Best Tuna Fishing Equipment: When Durability meets Innovation

Best Tuna Trolling and Drifting Fishing Rods

Undoubtedly, the detail makes the difference so you will have to get the best tuna fishing rods. For trolling and drifting you will need medium action 40-60 lbs. rods. Roller rings are absolutely necessary as they improve your line flow and can handle high pressure.Rods on Boat

It goes without saying that you are going to fish for tuna for hours so you can get a bent butt-grip rod. This will make things much easier. Check our collection.

As far as the reel is concerned, you can just pair your rod with a 7000-10000 multiplier reel with a good drag system.

Bent butt rod

Best Tuna Jigging Rods

The best jigging rod should be lightweight. Trust me, this is a very important feature. In addition, it should be flexible and have medium action 30-50 lbs. Moreover, the best guides for this technique are V LOG ring guides.

If you want to land your big catch successfully try to get a 6000-8000 spinning reel with double brakes.


Let’s go Tuna fishing

If you haven’t fished for tuna before, you should definitely give it a try. There is nothing better than holding a fish that is taller than you!! And don’t forget your camera or phone and our Blue Long Sleeve Tuna Shirt!

We have the best tuna lures ever made which we tested successfully.

You should definitely capture the moment. Stay tuned on Coastal Fishing and check our collection.

Thank you for reading and good luck!



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