5 Pointers For Trout Fishing | Coastal Fishing

One of the known fishing favorites of many anglers is none other than the trout. These fish are abundant almost anywhere, the exact location of them depending on which type of trout they are.

The brook trout’s native habitat includes the territory from Labrador westward to the Saskatchewan, whereas the rainbow trout is native to Pacific coast anywhere from Alaska all the way down to California. On the other hand, brown trout can be found in the waters of virtually all of the states in the USA except for Kansas, Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, North Dakota and Missouri. It can also be found in the waters of Canada.

When trout fishing, there are a number of things to consider to increase the chances of a fruitful catch.

  1. For trout fishing, do not grease the leader. Allowing it to float could create a shadow on the floor of the stream which could cause the trout to be scared away.
  2. Trout are typically secured by dry flies. Trouts can be fished in both the streams and the pools. At times, it may be challenging to keep the fly from sinking or dragging, but with practice and knowledge of the current conditions, the angler should be able to employ a technique that works for him.
  3. Often times, people tend to fish for trout upstream, floating all the flies, lines and leaders directly over the fish. However, this is NOT a good practice. Instead, it is better to cast from either side of the stream so that only the fly hovers above the fish.
  4. It is essential to ensure that your first cast is your best cast. A hungry trout typically prey on the first lure that appears if it is cast into his direct vicinity. The fisher should always fish the lower ends of the pool first even if it seems that the trout are rising more in other areas.
  5. Trout can be pretty hesitant or picky and may test the patience of any angler. Therefore, it may be better to use flies with less hackle, spent-wing flies or fan wings.

Employing these tips should result in a great time and hopefully a successful catch! Happy fishing!

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