Why Do You Need a Sharp Hook

One of the most commonly neglected things by fisherman is hook care. Have you ever found that you lost a large fish and weren’t sure as to why? It’s possible that your hook wasn't sharp enough.

If you often fish in places such as brush piles, gravel beds, rock piles, bridge pilings, and boat docks it’s essential to inspect your hooks for sharpness. A sharpening tool should be a live-in item in your tackle box. Having this at the ready could determine to catch a fish and to lose one. If you ever need a sharpener on the fly, a metal nail file from the drug store will do just fine. In addition, make sure to inspect your hooks sharpness every time you get snagged. Here’s a good way to check for sharpness:

  1. Hold the shank of the hook in your hand and gently place the point of the hook on your thumbnail (Do not apply any pressure at all).
  2. Put the point on your thumbnail, slowly try to drag the hook across your thumbnail.
  3. Check to see If the point digs into your nail, then the hook is sharp enough. The sharpness of your hook can determine whether your fishing trip is a success or failure.

Make sure your hooks are sharp!

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