Fishing Gear Ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner! What better way to show your dad love and appreciation, with some fishing gear. Here are some product sets that may interest your dad. We have broken out the sets based on the type of fishing he may be into. 

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OnShore Fishing Gear Ideas:


When it comes to onshore fishing you want to be able to cast your lure or sinker deep into the surf, or at least have the ability to cast a distance to where you want to fish. With that being said, a taller rod is usually best. Anything length from at least 7 ft and higher would be a length you would want to use.


Like all things fishing, this is dependent on what you are fishing for. You want to make sure you do your research beforehand on what lures to use to maximize your chances of hooking that fish. Here are some lures you may use while onshore fishing:


Again this is dependant on where you are fishing. You want to be aware of how the seafloor generally looks, where you are fishing. But typically pyramid weights are used because they stick into the sea floor and prevent your bait from getting rolled around by the current. 


Extra Goodies

To complete the On-shore fishing experience there are some extra things that could make a more fun experience. Here are some ideas for extras your dad may like to have while out on-shore fishing: 

  • Ice Box
  • Foldable Chair
  • Rod Holder
  • Beer!

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OffShore Fishing Gear Ideas:


Depending on what type of reel your dad has you may want to pick the rod carefully. For a spinning reel, you want to make sure you get a rod that has turbo guides. the reason for this is because the flow of the line coming out of the reel will fit better on a rod with turbo guides. On the other hand, a baitcast reel would work with both turbo and roller guides well due to how the line exits the reel. With that being said, if your father like a firmer feel, a solid rod would be best, if not a hollow rod will help provide a bit more flex. 


Similar to the description depends on what he fishes for. 

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You want to be sure you are ordering weights that are not too heavy for the rod your dad has already. If your weight is too heavy for the rod it will not only make it more difficult to reel in a fish but will hinder the ability to feel when a fish has bite. Keeping the weights cheap and more importantly designs that do not release sound would be a good idea as a gift. 

Extra Goodies

Here are some ideas for extras your dad may like to have while out on-shore fishing: 

  • Ice Box
  • Comfortable/waterproof shoes
  • Seasickness medication
  • Cash(tip for the crew that has to cut up your catch)
  • Beer!

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