Beginners Checklist for Deep Sea Fishing
Deep sea fishing is a great way to explore the oceans and experience the rush when having a fish on the line. This short guide will help cover the basics and some extras when you are going out on your first trip. 
Things to Bring logo - Fishing license (Depending on where you are, where you get your license will vary)

 - Cash for cleaning fish, food, and other things on the boat. Try to bring smaller bills for tipping.

 - Rod, Reel, and Line (You can always rent or bring your own)

 - Your favorite snacks.

 - Sunblock (You will need this since you will be out on the open seas)

 - Hat

 - Sunglasses

- Towels or small heavy-duty tissues.

 - Camera (Though DSLRs are great, a quality point and shoot or GoPro will be most convenient)

 - Seasickness medication. You want to get a good night sleep prior and no heavy food for breakfast to help reduce your sea sickness.

 - Water. Though you are not moving much it is always good to stay hydrated.

 - Ice Chest with Ice (to bring your fish back fresh)

This list should cover most of your needs and wants on a fishing trip. Go out there and catch some fish. We are confident you will enjoy your time and will want to pursue this awesome lifestyle. 

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