Fishing Madagasca Video

You ever dream about fishing in the areas where it seems fish just jump in your boat. This video will take you there....

Come along on the trip and experience Madagascar for yourself.



Madagascar is named The 'Island of Pain' and it offers a huge amount of opportunities big GTs, Sharks and even Marlin and Sailfish.

There are two different ways of jigging in off Madagascar. First, the hunting of the big Bonito schools and dropping the jigs right into them. Second, when jigging on specific underwater structures using sonar. Both techniques are really productive and will produce a lot of fish.  Be prepared with light jigs and jigging rods with 50-60lbs line for easy jigging in shallow water.
The alternative to jigging the area is to use popper lures. The best time for popper fishing is in March and April. When the water temperatures are low, these fish start hunting in the shallow areas and will slam poppers from the surface. Anglers will need strong popper rods and 80lbs braid to not lose a fish as it fights towards the reefs
While jigging the hot spots use live bait rods and baitfish for catching big Shark, Kingfish or Giant Trevally and Groupers.
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