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Hello Fishing enthusiasts and welcome to our website! Since you came across to this article you are probably interested in learning some jigging fishing tips. There are numerous fishing techniques, but jigging is a method that will make your dreams come true!

What's your goal? To catch more big fish and experience the most adventurous fishing trip of your life? That's why we are here to explain how to jigging and give you some equipment advice which is really essential.

Undoubtedly, the last ten years the fishing philosophy changed dramatically and it became more difficult to land some big size fish. Consequently, the key to success is definitely learning to adapt to change. Keep in mind that fish became suspicious.

So, manufacturers rig their equipment with cutting edge technologies in order to increase your success rates. The first step is to understand the technique from scratch.

 A few words about the Jigging Fishing Technique

First of all, jigging is an ancient Japanese technique which anglers and manufacturers managed to improve and modernize. Japanese people used to fish for Sea Breams and Tuna.

Obviously, this wonderful technique gained in popularity and we can confirm that it is deadly on huge Marlins, Amberjacks, Groupers and Swordfish. Jigging means snapping or popping the rod up and down constantly (vertical movement) in order to give our lure the appropriate jigging action. Jigging lures are made of special materials which reflect the light and produce ripples and flashes.

Surprisingly, the majority of jigs do not represent a real fish, but their lure action is able to attract big fish. Their long bodies are hydrodynamic and when you have the fish on the hook it is almost impossible to unhook. Consequently, the possibilities to land a fish in the boat are highly increased.

Saltwater techniques are really not difficult but it would be a good idea to follow some rules before we hit the water. Click "25 Saltwater Fishing Tips" if you want to find out more and be prepared for any trip!

Jigging Technique

Best Jigging Fishing Equipment: Powerful Gear= Success

So, you are ready to explore the underwater world and want to get into jigging like a real fisherman. You've read all jigging posts on the net and now you are ready to purchase the best jigging gear.

What do you do first? Run to the fishing tackle store and get some jigging stuff? The answer is definitely NO. Jigging fishing is the easiest fishing technique but the most difficult part here is your jigging tackle.

Never buy impulsively fishing equipment. Unfortunately, many fishing tackle manufacturers tend to glorify their products and put a jigging label on them. The rule is to get gear that will be able to fight with the most powerful creatures of the ocean.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Jigging Rod- Both powerful and lightweight

Firstly, jigging is both a freshwater and saltwater technique. You will need a powerful rod for both cases especially for saltwater fishing. The rod should have a length between 5 and 8.8 feet and medium action 20-40lbs. is widely preferred. Fishing Rod

Flexibility plays an important role here so do not ignore this fact. Some jigging rods have some label stickers in order to inform you about the efficient lure weight. You should definitely take into consideration that your rod should be made of anti-corrosion materials.

Make sure that the reel seat is saltwater safe. Additionally, we would like to mention a fact that most anglers ignore. When you are jigging, there is much pressure applied on the guides so prefer V log type guides with ceramic inserts or not.

The Jigging Reel- Hard Like a Tank

Well, now you probably know that the reel-rod set-up is really essential if you want to have a successful catch! Now, you have a rod but you are looking for a reel. The jigging reel should have a durable and strong drag system with carbon washers.

You can use a spinning reel or a multiplier reel 4000-7000 and it would be a good idea to choose double brakes. Freshwater anglers use 2000-4000 spinning reels but we think that saltwater circumstances are much harder.

The Line- Braided Line for Success

Obviously, the line depends on the target fish. For fish up to 22 lbs you should choose an enhanced monofilament fishing line. The stretch rate should be really low.

However, the best line is braided line for this fishing technique. Braided line is almost inelastic so you can use it as a main line and attach it on a fluorocarbon leader line.

We will explain the differences between these fishing lines in the following articles.

The Jigging Fishing Lures- Jigs

There is no doubt that jigs are the most common jigging lures and they come in different shapes and colors. As stated above, your jigging rod should have a lure weight label. Depending on the weight you should select your jigs.

The majority of jigging fishing lures is made of metal and the appropriate weight is 100-250 gr but we would like to underline the fact that the weight depends on the rod.


Moreover, it would be important to mention that you will see many jig shapes. For instance jig with tail or a jig with a belly. The shape affects your lure action.

How to Jig-Fishing

Now you are ready to master the ancient art of jigging fishing. Equip yourself with patience. Jigging is not difficult but it is very active.

First of all, you should find a good fishing spot. The best bottom depth is at least 100 feet. Just cast your lure and wait until it sinks and then you will have to retrieve really fast and move the tip of your rod up and down.

Let the jig sink again and repeat the action. That's all!

coastal fishing tipCoastal Fishing Tip: Retrieve your lure until you see it. Some fish may be on the top water column chasing the lure.

Final Verdict
Whether you are a newbie or avid experienced angler, basic fishing knowledge and new tricks are always helpful. We try to provide the best fishing tips based on real fishing experience.
You can count on us and never regret it. Visit our website and explore our fishing tackle shop.
Finally, jigging is the best way to get into fishing because it is one of the easiest fishing techniques. There are not any special movements or instructions. Only basic rules.
Improvise with best jigging tackle
Thank You for reading and stay tuned on our BLOG and don't forget your fishing shirt!






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